How old bread baking techniques can reduce irritable bowel disease
The University of Hohenheim in Germany has issued a press release stating that there is still hope for patients with irritable bowel syndrome. What is irritable bowel syndrome and what are its symptoms? David Warmflash, M.D., a scientist from Portland, USA, describes this in his article published in ChemMatters:  «Irritable bowel syndrome is a...
Healthy bread, professional training and the relevant European legislation
We have discussed healthy bread in previous posts on this blog. We talked about the importance of making bread with cultivated sourdough also previously in other posts. We even wanted to believe in the health benefits of fermented foods such as sourdough cultures. All this has brought us to the point of asking ourselves, what do the regulations say...
Our "second brain" controls our health - the importance of the microbiota
What is the intestinal microbiota? It is the population of 100 billion bacteria in our digestive system, a figure ten times higher than the number of cells in our body. Until now we knew it as the intestinal microflora. Serotonin, which is related to happiness and good humour, is mostly produced in our intestines. It has been shown that chemicals p...
What do wine, beer and bread have in common?
Obviously, all three are foodstuff or drinks and part of any aperitif, lunch or dinner. But what else do they have in common? Have you ever heard of fermented foods? Yes, wine, beer and bread, like cheese or yogurt are fermented foods. In recent years other more exotic foods such as kefir, tempeh, sauerkraut, miso or kombucha tea have been added to...
The connection between intolerances and bread
1. Thank you very much for taking the time to share your knowledge with our readers Mr. Pastor. You have been President of the Richemont International Club for several years and before that you were President of the Richemont Spain Club for many years. How did the relationship with the Richemont School of Lucerne come about? I first heard about Ric...
Why bread stopped having prominence and why it returns with force
Welcome to the Richemont Blog. This Blog was born with the purpose of clarifying elementary concepts about bakery and pastry, to transmit and disseminate knowledge based on studies conducted both at the Richemont Fachschule in Lucerne, and local data and knowledge provided by the different Richemont Clubs distributed throughout Europe and South Ame...
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